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Getting Started in Farming

3 April 2024

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A recent FAS event welcomed 17 new entrants from around the North-East with a large range of goals, knowledge, and skill sets which made for very interesting discussion within the room.

Ian Davison gave an insightful overview of different ways the Scottish Land Matching Service (SLMS) has been utilised from joint ventures, contract farming, crofting opportunities and matching of land and seekers was given, followed by a tour of the SLMS website and how to use it. The SLMS is a brilliant tool for unique partnering of individuals.

SAC Consulting sheep specialist and tenant farmer, Kirsten Williams, then shared her own journey into farming, from multiple seasonal grazing leases to tenancy applications.  Kirstens top tip for completing tenancy applications are as follows:

  • Understand as much of the financial information as possible, not just the practical farming aspect.
  • Target applications to landlords aim - if the tender mentions biodiversity is a priority, ensure you cover your intentions in the bid.
  • If your application is not accepted, try to gain as much feedback as to why this is.
  • Try and try again, don’t be disheartened.

Within the room a group activity was then carried out, where the attendees were given a farm map with field and steading details, they were asked to consider a 3-year plan on what they would do with the land and sheds available to maximise output of the business. This activity generated discussion within the room including possible arable, cattle, sheep, pedigree livestock, contracting, poultry, and pig opportunities, with a large focus on maximising output from farm buildings.

By Kirsten Craig, SAC Consulting

Farm buildings

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