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Opportunities To Control Rushes

24 August 2018

field of rushesFor those who have taken the opportunity to bale rushes as potential for bedding or just to tidy up fields, now is a great opportunity to reduce the dominance of rushes in the sward.  Using a weed wiper, on green regrowth after cutting is the best opportunity to ensure a kill on the growing weed.  Use glyphosate or MCPA in the weed wiper as per label adding a suitable adjuvant to help the mix stick to the rushes.  Good kill rates at 10 parts water to 1 part glyphosate. Seek advice on chemical rates before wiping.

Top Tips for weed wiping

  • Trial the machine wiping with water if unfamiliar with how the machine works.
  • Then in the most dense area first.
  • Graze grass down to a low level to avoid the risk of killing grass.  Grazing with both cattle and sheep works well
  • Set up height of brush or carpet above the height of the grass ensuring coverage over rushes
  • Treat regrowth of rushes ensuring they are green
  • Top them after they are fully brown and dead allowing at least 4 weeks after weed wiping
  • Weed wipe dense rushes twice in different directions
  • Keep brush or carpet wet avoiding any dripping
  • Follow environmental advice on label

Craig Bothwell 

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