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Pest Control in Carrots & Parsnips – July 2020

20 July 2020

The second generation of carrot fly is likely to appear towards the end of July and into early August.

Crops that were sown with seed treated with tefluthrin will be protected from this first generation of carrot fly grubs (EAMU 20191619) but not the second generation.

Foliar insecticide sprays will be needed when the second generation of carrot flies appear towards the end of July and into August. The seed treatment will have run out of steam by then, so the foliar sprays are the only option. Your local agricultural consultant or agronomist should be able to advise which pesticide is best suited to your particular needs.

Both willow-carrot aphids and peach-potato aphids have been caught in Scottish suction traps and yellow water traps, although numbers have dropped significantly over the last few weeks.

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