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Pests in Soft Fruits – May 2020

13 May 2020

Pests are beginning to appear on strawberries.  Aphids have already been seen on strawberries outdoors and in polytunnels.

Crops should be checked for pests and any treatments applied before flowering.  Slugs could also be a potential problem this season.

Growth splits in raspberry canes are prime egg-laying sites for cane midge. Check these splits for any sign of eggs and apply an insecticide to target the adult midge before further egg-laying can occur.  Note that chlorpyrifos products are now no longer available, and options are limited. The EAMU’s for indoxacarb (Explicit 2013/1369, 2019/0758 and 2019/0767, and Steward 2013/0988, 2019/0588 and 2019/0593) cover insects pests on raspberry so may have an effect but bear in mind use would be at growers risk. Deltamethrin used for raspberry beetle control may have an effect on cane midge.

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