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Policy Update – The Whole Farm Plan

22 April 2024

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The Scottish Government recently published a new update on the agricultural reform route map detailing a new requirement for the 2025 SAF (single application form) application called the whole farm plan. These new requirements are intended to help businesses to lower emissions and increase efficiency.  

The Whole Farm Plan

The whole farm plan has 5 different elements. You will need to confirm that you have completed at least 2 of these for your 2025 SAF. The elements included are a carbon audit, soil analysis, a biodiversity audit, an animal health and welfare plan and integrated pest management (IPM) plan. The carbon audit, biodiversity audit and soil analysis would need to be completed within the 5-year period before May 2025 to qualify. The animal health and welfare plan and the IPM plan are intended to be renewed annually to qualify for your SAF.  

Route Map

There is currently funding available towards the cost of a carbon audit, soil analysis and various animal health and welfare interventions through the preparing for sustainable farming (PSF) scheme. This funding will be available for any options undertaken within the 2024 calendar year and claims can be made until the end of February 2025. You can also use  the Scottish Integrated Pest Management Assessment plan, which is a free tool, to make an IPM plan. Furthermore, there is funding available towards biodiversity, habitat, and land management specialist advice through the Farm advisory service. Specialist Advice | Helping farmers in Scotland | Farm Advisory Service ( . Don’t forget to take advantage of the PSF scheme and don’t forget to claim the money back for any of the options you have already used! 

Freya Lance, SAC Consulting

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