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Sheep Flocks: Useful Targets

20 December 2017
Rearing % on the hill100%
Rearing % in bye130%
Rearing % low ground (outdoor lambing)160%
Wool produced per ewe2.2 kg
MJ ME required 8,6,4,2 pre lambing12 rising to 17 MJ ME/kg DM
Minimum weight to wean25 kg
Kill out % for lambs45%
BCS at lambing inside March3 BCS
BCS at lambing outside May2-2.5 BCS
Hay reserve hill sheep DM35 kg DM/ewe
Silage for wintering hill hogget inside kg fresh weight @ 30% DM300 kg fresh
Silage for wintering Mule ewe 150 day winter kg @ 25% DM500 kg fresh
Silage for 55 kg ewe for winter outdoors350 kg fresh
Lowest silage % DM for sheep for normal intakes18 % DM
Ewes wintered on 1 ha of  lowland pasture after beef/dairy0.4 ewes
Ewes wintered on 1 ha rested upland pasture0.8 ewes
High hill stocking rate eg Scottish Borders0.4-0.8 ha/ewe
Low hill stocking rate Scotland eg west coast /north2.5 ha/ewe
Year round carrying capacity lowland10 ewes/ha
% ewes lame< 3%
% ewes lame welfare issueover 5%
Ewe annual mortality good2%
Ewe mortality – something wrong>5%
Lamb mortality as % of lambs scanned good>5-10%
Lamb mortality as % of lambs scanned poor>15-20%

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