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Slugs – February 2020

5 March 2020

Whilst slugs like moist conditions, Storm Dennis has probably been a bit much for them, and the wet winter has probably not done them any favours.

Despite this, growers should keep an eye open for slug activity and damage to crops, particularly those that may be a bit behind in growth stage from where they should be. Any crops going in the ground should be considered at risk from slugs.

If slug management is necessary, it is essential that unnecessary use of metaldehyde pellets is avoided in order to reduce the risk of detection in water. Consequently, the metaldehyde stewardship guidelines which include the recommendation that no metaldehyde pellets should be allowed to fall within a minimum of 10 metres of any field boundary or watercourse still need to be adhered to.

Ferric phosphate pellets are a good alternative to metaldehyde and are as effective at managing slugs.  Growers should only use slug pellets when necessary.

Slug in grass

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