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Spring Barley – Weed control

24 April 2020

Annual meadow-grass

If annual meadow-grass is a potential problem in establishing spring barley, then a residual herbicide is the best option for effective control.  This is particularly relevant to reduced tillage systems where annual meadow-grass can become a significant problem.  The downside to residual herbicides is that they don’t work well in dry soil – less likely to be an issue this year, although some soils are currently quite dry.  There are gaps in the weed spectrum of these residuals, so a follow-up post-emergence herbicide may be needed.

Wild oats

Wild oats are a common problem in spring barley.  They can be treated pre-emergence of crop.   When used to control wild oats, tri-allate can also control moderate populations of annual meadow-grass.  The alternative to or as a follow-up is to use a post-emergence graminicide once the germination of wild oats is complete.

Broad-leaved weeds

Residuals used to control annual meadow-grass control a range of broad-leaved weeds as discussed above.

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