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Value Of Slurry This Spring

16 March 2017

The financial value of cattle slurry (based on current N, P & K fertiliser straight prices) will be around £30 per load this spring.  That is around £3,500/250,000 gallons or 20 x 600kg bags of fertiliser, free!

It will be slightly above this value if buying fertiliser now.

This price assumes average cattle slurry, using readily available nitrogen values, spread by splash plate.  Nitrogen losses reduce, and its value increases, through application by trailing shoe but decreases if spread at the wrong time e.g. spread onto a very slow growing or dormant ley.

The actual nutrient content of manure depends on a number of factors, including the type of livestock, diet, volume of water entering storage, and the amount and type of bedding used.  Soil type, season and time to incorporation (if stubble ground) also affect nitrogen availability.

The value of FYM will be around £7/t – note its different components and far higher concentration of phosphate and potash.  Manures should be tailored to soils and crops most in need.  For more information contact your consultant or refer to Technical Note TN650.

Robert Logan,

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