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Weeds, June 2019

4 June 2019


As crops move into later growth stages and grass weeds become visible above the crop, it is a good time to check that fields are clear of problem grass weeds.  A black-grass infestation often starts with just one or two plants going un-noticed.  Due to the low dormancy of seeds shed from these plants, the infestation develops rapidly.  Now is the time to check fields, because by harvest time up to 90% of black-grass seeds may already have been shed.  Plants need to be removed from the field as soon as they are seen in order to prevent any seed return.  Prevention of seed return is the key to controlling grass weeds, particularly black-grass.  Rogueing weeds such as black-grass and brome species is possible – they need to be pulled from near the soil level then the whole plant removed from the field

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