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Winter barley – March 2020

5 March 2020


Disease levels are generally very low at the moment and crops are looking well although a few are starting to turn a little hungry-looking.  Where disease does establish early then a T∅ spray at mid-tillering is an option to allow better control at T1 and a bit more flexibility in case of poor weather at T1.  Getting on to fields for these early cleanup sprays could be a widespread issue if fields don’t dry up very quickly and if so it may be necessary to increase rates at T1 (GS30/31) if the disease is established and couldn’t be addressed at T∅.

Plant growth regulators

Winter barley crops vary in how well they have tillered, some have the potential for a large canopy leading to a risk of lodging, particularly if fertility is high, if a weaker-strawed variety is being grown, and the weather improves. The straw strength ratings of varieties on the Scottish Recommended List 2020 are given below:

Straw length ratings of Winter Barley varieties on the Scottish Recommended List 2020

LG Mountain7Valerie8Belmont7
KWS Creswell7Jordan7SY Baracooda7
KWS Hawking7KWS Cassia7SY Kingsbarn7
LG Flynn7Cruft8Bazooka7
KWS Orwell8Electrum7Libra7
KWS Tower8Funky8

Growth regulators are effective on actively growing crops. Do not treat crops under stress.


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