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Winter Barley Update – early July 2020

20 July 2020

Pre-harvest control of couch grass

Most winter barley crops can be harvested successfully without any pre-harvest desiccation. However, if the weather remains changeable, then those crops that have uncontrolled weeds in the base of the crop may benefit from treatment. For annual grasses, a low dose of glyphosate is sufficient, for couch grass or broad-leaved weeds the dose should be increased depending on the severity of the problem. See the product label for the appropriate dose.

It is important to get the timing right in order to avoid unacceptable residues in the grain – not to apply before the grain moisture has fallen below 30%, and observe the harvest interval of 7 days. Check with the end-user and don’t treat seed crops.

The table below gives the early July 2020 data from SRUC’s monitored crops.  The data is generated in commercial crops in your area so is indicative of the disease pressure and growth stages on farms at the moment.

Winter BarleyAverageMaximumMinimum
Crop Growth Stage889179


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