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Bloggy New Year!

7 January 2020
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Hello from all of us at the Farm Advisory Service and we hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year.

We’ve not been the best bloggers at FAS so as we enter 2020, we’re making a New Year’s resolution to blog on a more regular basis.

The Farm Advisory Service is a huge project so we want to use this blog to get across that we’re more than just Agribusiness News, livestock health updates, nutrient management podcasts, videos about biodiversity and all the events that we run. Every month we hear stories from farmers and crofters from across Scotland about what they’re up to, how FAS has helped them and where they are taking their businesses in these tricky times.

So with Brexit now firmly on the horizon, we’re going to be blogging more about the stories and activities we see and hear from across the country. It won’t just be from our head office in Edinburgh, our team from across the country will be giving their own local perspective.

We also want to hear from you too! So if you’ve got a story to tell about how the Farm Advisory Service has helped you or you want to tell your story about your own piece in the giant jigsaw that is Scottish agriculture, do get in touch. This blog is run by our communications team headed up by Will Searle and you can email him here.

So here’s to 2020 and the challenges it will bring. Although we can’t tell you exactly what’s coming, what we can do is provide an advice line with expert consultants, events that bring people together, and a website and social media that highlight the best in Scottish agriculture; because when we work together and learn from each other, it makes those big challenges on the horizon that bit more manageable .

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