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Crop Health Updates - March 2021

How do you measure IPM?

The whole point of integrated pest management (IPM) is to work holistically with your farm system to manage the pest, weeds and diseases unique to your fields, using the tools and strategies that best maximise profit whilst minimising environmental footprint.  Read More >>

Best Foot Forward for Spring Barleys

With wet, frozen soils and areas that have been under snow cover for weeks it is hard to imagine spring barley drilling starting any time soon and already there is talk of a late start to barley drilling. Of course field operations need to be practically spread but often later drilled crop in to better seed beds have match or exceeded those in earlier situations.  Read More >>

Drivers of early disease in winter wheat

Winter wheat varietal resistance to Septoria has improved for some newer varieties and the acreage drilled to very weak varieties has dropped. But at this time of year it will be the effect of drilling date that is more evident in crops that the varietal rating.  Read more >>

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