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Introduction to Dormieston

Dormieston is a dairy farm located in the heart of Ayrshire near the small village of Stair.  There are approximately 560 acres of grassland for grazing & silage and 100 acres of cereal grown to feed the business.

The main enterprise is dairy herd, milking around 150 - 170 cows with all replacements home bred and reared.

The grassland is a mix of ages with around 405 acres being 5 years or older; the rest having been reseeded as part of the cropping rotation during the last 5 years.

The farm was soil sampled during 2013 and small management changes have been implemented every year on the basis of those results.  The big change which the business is considering is sampling the nutrient value of the slurry during the spring with a view to only applying Urea & Nitrogen, 34.5%.  Normal practice would see compound being applied.


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