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An Introduction to Edenwood Farm

Edenwood is an intensively run lowland Fife farm. It grows a mix of carrots, lettuce, leafy brassicas and potatoes alongside cereals and beans. The vegetables are grown for Kettle Produce Ltd and are sold to most supermarkets throughout Scotland.

The land ranges from 3.1 to 3.2 on the land capability for agriculture.  The soil association is mainly Eckford (some Kippen on steeper slopes) with soils in the Giffordtown and Fourmerk series.  The soil is a sandy loam that can blow in certain conditions.  The business recently purchased the neighbouring farm which has been run mainly as a livestock farm but did produce some cereals.  The land is steeper and of a slightly more loamy makeup but is capable of growing vegetables.

There are large areas of forestry and shelterbelts which helps mitigate wind activity on the sandy loam.  Carrot and brassica fields sometimes have wildflower/wild birdseed mixes sown in the endrigs to provide ground cover, pollinator benefits and bird feed sources – be it seed or insect.

Soil health and fertility is vitally important to be able to sustain the level of production required from this farm.

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Webinar - An introduction to Edenwood Farm

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