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An Introduction to Lyking Farm

Lyking farm is a 174ha suckler cow unit based in the parish of Sandwick, some 12 miles from Orkney’s main town of Kirkwall.

Its 120 spring calving cows are mainly Simmental crosses which typically run with Limousin and Simmental bulls to produce stores sold at around 18 months of age. Their diets at housing consist of home-grown silage, barley and straw, supplemented with a small quantity of purchased protein.

The soils at Lyking are all non-calcareous gleys of the Thurso association derived from Old Red Sandstone and fall into two different soil series. The best land is of the imperfectly drained Bilbster series, whilst the heavier soils fall under the poorly drained Thurso series.

The land is categorised under the Macaulay Land Capability for Agriculture (LCA) classification as 4.1 and 4.2. which is land capable of producing a narrow range of crops, primarily grassland, with short breaks of cereal and forage crops.


Due to the current Coronavirus restrictions all of our usual on-farm events have had to be moved to a digital format.  For this project this means our Soil & Nutrient Network events have switched to webinars.  This allows you to catch up with the what has been discussed during the meetings - please use the links below to watch the Lyking Farm events.

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