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An Introduction to Balwherrie Farm

Balwherrie is a 300 acre (121ha) owner-occupied all grassland farm run by Ian and John Agnew. It carries 150 mainly purebred spring calving cows of which 10 are pedigree Aberdeen Angus and a further 5 are purebred Simmental used to breed stock bulls. Calves from the 135 commercial cows are overwintered and sold at 15-18 months. Investment has been made in slurry storage and cattle handling with all the cows overwintered in cubicle sheds. Labour comprises John and his father Ian and one other part-time worker.

Balwherrie comprises of 3 main soil types: imperfectly drained red/brown clay loam (Rhins series derived from Greywacke) on the upper slopes grading down to clay loam (Portpatrick series) also imperfectly drained, with a small area of Balscalloch series (poorly drained) which has a Humous Peat over clay loam on low levels.

The underlying materials will have low to moderate status. Balwherrie is mainly class 3.1 capable of producing moderate range of crops with good yield, and some class3.2 on the slopes which reflects certain growth limitations.

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