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Plants for pollinators and honeybees

Around the farm steading, there are usually lots of little areas that could provide a haven and much-needed feeding space for honeybees and insect pollinators.  They often don't need a lot of attention, but with a selection of the plants listed on this page, these areas could provide a food source throughout the seasons.

Top ten flowers to attract honey bees

  • Hellebore species and hybrids
  • Salvia species
  • Echinacea
  • Rudbeckia laciniate
  • Lavandula species
  • Galanthus nivalis Common Snowdrop
  • Crocus species
  • Cosmos
  • Sedum species
  • Verbena species
Snowdrops in bloom and crocus flowers just beginning to burst situated next to a lichen covered wall.

Spring & summer flowering wildflowersSummer & autumn flowering wildflowersTreesShrubs
Red campionRed & white cloversField mapleWillows, especially goat willow, grey willow & crack willow
Bird's foot trefoilBird's foot trefoilSmall-leaved limeDogwood
BugleBrambleOrchard trees e.g. apple, pear, cherry, medlar, quinceWild privet
SelfhealBurdockCrab appleBlackthorn
Red & white dead-nettleCornflowerMaple
FoxgloveField scabiousMaple
Yellow rattleViper's buglossRowan
Cat's earCat's earSweet chestnut

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