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Corncrake Cover Advice

Corncrakes spend most of their lives in tall vegetation; or ‘cover’. Early cover is essential for corncrakes returning from their wintering grounds in April and May, while late cover is important at a time when most of the surrounding grassland has been cut or grazed.

Corncrake cover can be a difficult habitat to create and maintain.

This tool allows you to get targeted advice on any corncrake cover areas that are you having problems with. Following submission of the form with a photo, we will get in touch with you to give you tailored advice.

What is Corncrake Cover?

Corncrake Cover is areas of grassland that contains clumps of tall plants. Corncrakes require vegetation which is at least 20cm (8 inches) high for the entire breeding season.

It often comprises plants such as nettles, flag iris or cow parsley. The aim is to have this vegetation at least 20cm high by April.

In agri-environment schemes, Corncrake Cover needs to be adjacent to areas of late cut silage.

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Note that you will need to upload one or more photos to take part in this survey. If you don't have a photo but still need some advice, do let us know at


Field number

You can find your FID numbers on SAF maps, Agri-environment contracts or on the RPS website. Any queries call the FAS helpline 0300 323 0161

  • Please do a separate form for each cover area
  • Please enter the full format with 2 letters / 5 numbers / 5 numbers - e.g. NG/38703/29876
Please see the guidance on field number format above

Management & Issues

Is this under current AECS management?
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Photo usage
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Getting help
Are you happy to be put in touch with corncrake workers?

Photos & Maps

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    A corncrake calling in long grass.

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