Common Grazings Lairg – Finance & Procedures Part 1


This meeting will be held in the Kinvonvie Suite inside the Lairg Community Centre.

Join us for these informative, informal and enjoyable meetings. Held over two evenings, a week apart, we will look at the responsibilities of hard working committee members and different financial scenarios, so you can keep your Common Grazing running smoothly.

We will look at commonly asked questions, such as:

  • How do you work out how much each shareholder should contribute to maintenance?
  • What happens with contributions if shareholders are absentee or inactive?
  • How should resumption money be distributed?
  • What are the financial considerations with vacant shares?
  • What is the difference between maintenance and improvements when it comes to contributions?
  • How much should a clerk be paid?

Using an invented Common Grazing, we will work through different scenarios that you might come across on your Common. We will also provide worksheets to take away for simpler record keeping. There will be opportunity to ask questions of Arthur MacDonald and Finlay Beaton from the Crofting Commission. The meeting will be held in the evening and refreshments will be available. This event is FREE, but please book to ensure your space.

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