Horticulture – Compost and Growing Media

  • April 24 2024
    7:30pm - 8:30pm

Do you have a horticultural enterprise on your smallholding or croft? Do you buy or make compost or growing media? Do you get variable results?!

Join us for this online talk and discussion on compost, with grower and soil expert Audrey Litterick.  Audrey will cover:

  • Compost and growing media
  • What it means to go peat-free
  • How composting works
  • Why composting might not always work
  • Top Tips


We have another webinar on the 16th April, about crop choice, rotations and marketing. Sign up using the link below.

Horticulture – Crop Choice, Rotations and Marketing Produce | Events helping farmers in Scotland | Farm Advisory Service (fas.scot)