Horticulture – Crop Choice, Rotations and Marketing Produce

  • April 16 2024
    7:30pm - 8:30pm

Planning on growing and selling veg from your smallholding or croft?

This online talk and discussion for smallholders and crofters is about maximising income from your holding with profitable cropping.

With soil expert and horticulturalist Audrey Litterick, and marketing guru Calum Johnston, we cover:

  • Site and soil
  • Range of crop types.
  • plant families
  • Crop rotation design.
  • Crop rotation challenges
  • Polytunnel challenges
  • Selling – where to start!
  • How to find out what the customer wants
  • Community supported agriculture schemes
  • B2C and B2B

We have another webinar coming up on the 24th April, about compost and growing media. Sign up using the link below.

Horticulture – Compost and Growing Media | Events helping farmers in Scotland | Farm Advisory Service (fas.scot)