Introduction to Hedgerow Carbon Code

  • February 19 2024
    7:00pm - 8:30pm

In our efforts to mitigate and adapt to the pressures of climate change, few habitats are as versatile as the hedge. Whether it is in locking up atmospheric carbon, building soil organic matter, provision of shelter from the worst extreme weather or as habitat corridors across the landscape, when it comes to value for money, a hedge is hard to beat. With the Woodland Carbon Code now firmly established many in the sector have begun looking at the opportunities to capture carbon in other natural and semi-natural habitats and hedges are no exception.

In Scotland, the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust have taken the lead on the issue and have been developing the proposed Hedgerow Carbon Code alongside their partners – Alastair Leake joins us to discuss. Also joining us for the webinar is Dr Lorna Cole who will be discussing the nature value of hedgerows and how we go about raising the profile of our on farm linear features. The webinar goes live Monday 19 February at 7pm and will include presentations and a Q&A.

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