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What is a “young entrant” to farming?

“Young entrants” is defined by the EU (and the Scottish Government), to ensure support for young farmers is targeted at a pre-defined population. Under this definition a “young entrant to farming” is someone who meets all the following criteria:

  • Is over 16 years but under 40 years of age
  • Has set up for the first time as the head of an agricultural business registered on the Scottish Government’s Integrated Administrative Control System (IACS)
    – This can either be as a sole proprietor; or as the majority partner; or as the equal partner with another farmer or farmers under 40 years of age
  • Has been head of that business for no more than 12 months

Additionally if the young entrant was to apply for Scottish Government support they would also have to either:

  • Have a suitable agricultural qualification (at least to National Vocational Qualification Level 2); or
  • Be able to demonstrate 5 years practical agricultural experience and include with the business plan a personal development plan with an objective to achieve an appropriate qualification within 3 years after the approval date for grant.