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Finishing Cattle

Keeping Male Calves Entire?

With calving either started or not far away, on many farms, now is the time for breeders to consider whether they castrate their bull calves or keep them entire.

Young bulls have good growth rates averaging around 1.6kg DLWG and from a carbon emissions perspective they have the lowest carbon footprint as they are one of the quickest finishing systems we have. (Less time on farm = lower carbon footprint)  Read more>>

Importance Of Long Fibre In Intensive Rations

Cattle which are fed on an ad-libitum cereal-based finisher ration can have exceptional performance.  In order to achieve this exceptional performance good management is vital.  In any ruminant diet, fibre is necessary to maintain rumen function and an ad-lib cereal ration is no exception to this.   Read more>>

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