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Cattle EID

Cattle EID has been discussed for many years and while the roll out of compulsory EID in cattle has been delayed, EID systems are available and have the potential to revolutionise your cattle enterprise.  This series of videos and resources showcases EID systems in practice and highlights the positive impact Ultra High Frequency EID has had on various farms around the country. For more information, contact ScotEID or the Farm Advisory Service.

Cattle EID - Making It Work For You (Girtridge Farm)

In this video John Howie introduces us to his EID system. John got involved with EID through his time as a QMS monitor Farm. John is using UHF management tags in all his cattle as he buys them in. He uses them to help simplify his management of his cattle. Along with his UHF Readers and weigh head he can easily record weight gains and monitor his animals progress on his farm and with his Automatic dose gun he only medicates to exact dose required for the weight of each animal.  View here

Cattle EID - Making It Work For You (Coull Farm)

In this video we meet Andrew Jones from Coull farm Islay. Andrew is one of the many Scot EID Pilot farms. Andrew has started using UHF tags to help simplify his cattle system. He is using PAS44 approved UHF Tags along with an UHF reader weigh head and Farm management software all synced together. All Andrew cattle have UHF tags. We will be following Andrew’s progress in future videos and elaborate on his system.  View here

Cattle EID - Making It Work For You (J & M Anderson)

In this video we meet Tom Nelson from J and M Anderson farm supplies. He is one of many companies supplying cattle and sheep Tags. Recently he has added UHF Cattle tags and Readers to his list of available products.  View here

Cattle EID - Making It Work For You (UHF Tags)

In this video David Kerr from ScotEID discusses the differences between Low Frequency RFID and Ultra High Frequency RFID technology.  Highlighting some of the reasons why Scotland are forging ahead with a UHF EID traceability system.  View here

Cattle EID - Making It Work For You (Pairing Reader to Weigh Head)

By pairing a canner and a weigh-head, you can make weighing animals paper free and time efficient. This short video shows the simple steps you’ll need to take to pair your reader with your weigh-head allowing you to get the most out of your investment. View here

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