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Pig units have strict biosecurity regulations, to ensure the health of the herd is protected at all times.  We have numerous articles, addressing the major diseases of pigs and how to prevent them. 

Disease Surveillance Series - Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS)



Update On The Spread Of African Swine Fever In Europe

African Swine Fever is one of the biggest threats to the UK pig sector. Prevention remains the best option with the latest updates on it’s spread across Europe serving as a timely reminder of the importance of having robust biosecurity measures in place and remaining vigilant. This article also provides pig keepers with access to more detailed information on ASF and also resources to help protect their herd. Read more >>

Taking Pigs Through To Higher Weights

Average finishing weights have continued to increase steadily over the past two decades with average clean carcass weights rising from 74.1 kg to 84.9 kg from 2003 to 2019 (AHDB).

There are a number of reasons for this - Read more>>

Swine Dysentery - The Key Facts

Swine dysentery is a serious bacterial infection of pigs that causes diarrhoea, deaths, reduced growth rates and poor productivity.  It has made an unwelcome return to Scotland and has been diagnosed on several units during spring 2019.  Read more>>

German Outbreak Provides A Timely Reminder On The Threat From African Swine Fever

African Swine Fever (ASF) has continued to spread and has now been detected closer to home in Germany.  While this is extremely concerning to pig keepers and the industry as a whole it also serves as a timely reminder that the sector needs to remain vigilant.   Read more>>

African Swine Fever In Pigs

African Swine Fever (ASF) cases continue to be reported throughout Central and Eastern Europe as well as further afield.  The last few months may have seen very limited travel to the UK from these areas however as restrictions are eased movements of people to and from ASF affected areas will increase.  As restrictions are lifted at home there will also be an increase in members of the public using the countryside for leisure purposes.  Read more>>

African Swine Fever Spreading In Europe

The disease is spreading in Europe.  It has been confirmed in wild boar and feral pigs as well as in commercial and backyard pigs in Central and Eastern Europe.  On 13th September 2018 Belgium confirmed the arrival of the disease to Western Europe.

The discovery of ASF in wild boar in Belgium represents a big leap of the virus into Western Europe and brings it worryingly close to the UK. The Belgian authorities are attributing this spread to food being left behind by people travelling from infected areas.  Read more>>

African Swine Fever - How To Spot & Report

African Swine Fever is a notifiable disease, if you suspect cases you must report it immediately.  Read more>>

Cross Compliance Checklist - Welfare Of Pigs

The aim of SMR 12 rules is to protect pigs by setting minimum standards for their care and management and welfare. There are also additional rules for farmed animals covered by SMR 13 Welfare of farmed animals.  Read more>> 

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