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Finishing Lambs On Kale Silage

Ensiled kale can be used as a home-grown protein supplement for finishing housed cattle and sheep. By ensiling kale this can increase the utilisation of the crop compared to grazing in situ, in addition to improving the cleanliness of the stock, which may be comprised by weather conditions.  Read more>>

Using Calculations To Manage Lamb Grazing

Based on conservative projections, we can calculate the target stocking rate for growing lambs over the next month to maximise performance off grass.

To start with, we need to estimate intake at grass; we estimate this based on a percentage of bodyweight. For 25kg weaned lambs targeting 200g/day growth, we need to provide around 5.8% of bodyweight, which equates to 1.45kg DM/day.  Read more>>

Weaning Strategies To Reduce Stress In Sheep

Stress in animals will reduce performance and render them more susceptible to disease. So minimise stress this weaning time by considering the tips given by Poppy Frater.  Read more>>

Should You Wean Lambs Early?

With grass in short supply, some might consider weaning earlier than usual to remove the ewe competition and provide more to the lambs. Twelve weeks is the optimum age to wean lambs, however some might wean earlier – it depends on the condition of the ewes and the availability of good quality pasture.  Read more>>

Selling Light Lambs

There are some markets for light lambs, down to 36kg liveweight. At £4/kg deadweight at 15kg carcass gives a return of £60 per head. Read more>>

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