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Sustainable Sheep Systems

To be sustainable into the future, sheep systems must first and foremost be profitable whilst at the same time maintaining and enhancing the farm environment - pasture, soils and biodiversity - and meeting the social goals, including work life balance, of all those involved.  

Changing subsidy systems, reduced labour availability and increasing input costs mean that productive, low input, easy managed flocks are the future of sheep production. This project is all about forage based sheep systems that optimise production of grass and forage, to reduce reliance on purchased feed and other inputs to optimise profit.  

Sustainable worm control, achieving effective control whilst limiting development of anthelmintic resistance is a key part of the long term sustainability of sheep systems. There’s content on this, as well as genetic selection to breed sheep that are more productive, disease resistant, less work and suit low input forage based and outdoor lambing systems.  

Aberfield Nucleus Ewes and Lambs


We’ve got a suite of webinars, and short videos, featuring forward thinking farms, researchers and advisers, on all aspect’s sheep production including grazing strategies, forage crops flock management, outdoor lambing, disease control and breeding selection 

All previous webinars and videos can be found on the FAS Sustainable Sheep Systems YouTube playlist here: Sustainable Sheep Systems - YouTube

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