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Apply for an ILMP to identify growth opportunities and cost savings for your farming business

30 July 2020

Through the Farm Advisory Service (FAS), Scottish farmers and crofters can access Government grant support to secure the help of an accredited farm business adviser to undertake a professional Integrated Land Management Plan (ILMP) for your farm or croft.

As part of the ILMP, the adviser will carry out a thorough and confidential review of the business – assessing business strengths, weakness and threats as they relate to the business owner’s vision for the future or land manager’s long-term plans.

The review process will encompass the full spectrum of business sustainability; assessing natural resources, physical assets and financial records, with the aim of identify opportunities to make cost savings. The adviser will work with the participating business to explore the potential to develop competitive advantage or technical excellence in areas where the business is strong or has growth potential.

The ILMP assessment is flexible and may also include:

  • a basic habitats, biodiversity and conservation assessment;
  • a financial performance analysis;
  • a cross compliance assessment to highlight where there may be risk areas for the business.

Assessments can be carried out remotely, face-to-face contact is not essential.

There is a lot that can be achieved by speaking to our experts by phone and/or video calling. Background data can be supplied via email or post; and land information can be collected remotely using mapping software and video calling or can be arranged so there is no social contact.

ILMP funding covers 80% of the total costs of the assessment. The remaining 20% and VAT is covered by the participating business. Costs are proportional to business size (i.e. an ILMP for a smaller business may cost less, thus the 20% covered by the business will be a smaller contribution).

To apply or for more information about FAS services, explore our website. Alternatively, call 0300 323 0161 or email

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