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Commercial Forestry Planting on an Active Farm – Event Summary

7 March 2018

This meeting looked at integrating commercial forestry planting onto an active farm.  It will explored the sometimes difficult balance between tree planting on a commercial scale and maintaining a viable farming enterprise. Comparisons were made between incomes possible from medium to large scale forestry planting and alternative farming incomes on the same type of land.   It also demonstrated the importance of taking into account other considerations such as biodiversity interest, landscape  and water quality when designing a forestry scheme.  Case studies were given of which demonstrated why commercial forestry had been a viable option for some farmers.


Advisors from SAC in farm business economics, agriculture and forestry together with Woodland Officers from the Forestry Commission and an Ecology Officer from Scottish Border’s Council spoke at the event.


Unfortunately the Farm Walk part of the event was cancelled due to the slippy ground conditions.

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