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Crop health: Management of barley pests & diseases (Islay) – event summary

30 August 2018

A meeting for Islay barley farmers (9 growers representing 60% of the total on the island) at Rockside Farm / Kilchoman distillery, a farm distillery set-up. 

The meeting was arranged some months in-advance and, due to good summer weather, barley was just about ready to combine by late August around the meeting time (often it’s not ready until mid Sept). As it was damp & misty the meeting went ahead for the morning while the crop dried. The farmers had a very informative meeting with Prof Fiona Burnett who gave an update on disease risks (presentation below), fungicide resistance and use of  Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for control. This includes the use of new varieties, monitoring pest & disease thresholds and timing of targeted sprays.

Greening requirements were also summarised and details can be found in the pdf below.  

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