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Dairy Soil Day – Event Summary

26 September 2017

Dairy cattle & good soil management working together

At the Standing Stones hotel on Tuesday 26th September, the day started off with talks from Lorna MacPherson and Csaba Adamik. 

Csaba Adamik, Senior Dairy Consultant spoke about reducing acidiosis and buffer feedings, and what to look for in a good buffer feed.


Lorna MacPherson, Dairy Consultant spoke about how to feed wet silage going into winter, and what to look for in the cows for sign that they’re getting enough nutrition.

During the afternoon session, Gavin Elrick, Specialist Soil and Drainage Consultant spoke about soil compaction, pH, and nutrient status of the soil.  Some samples of soil that had been brought in provided an interactive feel to Gavin’s discussions. He was able to highlight the structural differences between samples.


Key Messages to take home:

  • The importance of getting the basics right, good drainage, good pH and good nutrient status.
  • Nutrition, look for the signs of how rumen is functioning.
  • Tweaking winter ration to maintain a good boy condition score and keep healthy, happy and productive cows.


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