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Getting to the Roots of the Issue – event summary

17 March 2017


The event was held at Keppoch farm, Dundonell in Wester Ross. Paddy Jack gave an informative presentation on the wide range of factors which need to be considered when planning a re-seed: species and variety choice, different cultivation and establishment methods. He further elaborated upon which species and mixtures are more useful in upland or lowland settings and under grazing or cutting regimes. There was constructive discussion and questions after Paddy’s presentation.

Following lunch Paddy led discussions in the fields and used the fields at Keppoch to demonstrate what to consider when deciding whether to re-seed or not. David Renwick then outlined grazing management on the farm and their re-seeding policy and technique.

Gillian McKnight outlined cross-compliance issues that have to be observed. Particularly surrounding outwintering cattle and sheep near watercourses. Gillian also discussed the hedges which had been put in place as part of a previous environmental scheme and outlined what options are available under AEC’s.  Her presentation can be found below.

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Topics: Soils and Rural Business

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