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Horticultural Hercules: The Mighty Polycrub – Event Summary

21 August 2018

The event was a very well attended and was a highly engaging meeting to discuss crofting horticulture.

  • Audrey Litterick covered the fundamentals of soil health and nutrient management where attendees were able to extrapolate information to determine their own set up. The take home message was to obtain a soil sample report before applying soil treatments.
  • Calum Johnston triggered keen discussion after a well timed and informative presentation on food marketing, adding value to produce and the possible methods of sale. Products with a ‘story’ giving it value was the key theme in the discussion.
  • Attendees enjoyed an on-site look at active polycrubs and their design courtesy of Martin Adil-Smith and his HebVeg set up and fantastic in-depth detail of the polycrub and the company that founded them from the companies Margaret Roberts.
  • Grant aid and eligibility was covered by Consultant Rob Black to encourage prospective business’ to consider their options.

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