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Islay Agricultural Business Group – Beef & Sheep Marketing – Event Summary

18 January 2018

Islay Discussion Group held a meeting with guest speaker Robert Logan explaining the current market trends and influences and explored how this could affect local prices in the near future. The attendees learnt that UK consumption of sheep meat approximately matches UK production, however consumer preference for certain cuts means we need more of some parts and less of others and therefore requires a wider export market. Brexit trade deals might not be negotiated in time which will affect UK prices. Euro exchange rate and strength of the Pound is currently underpinning the market. There was discussion about co-operation on Islay which has a strong, recognised brand. Breeding specialisation was  suggested with 1 or 2 farms breeding all replacement stock for other farms.

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Market Outlook Islay Meeting by Robert Logan
Robert gave a presentation outlining where we are and where we could be going with the beef and sheep markets.

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