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Managing People

16 September 2020

Managing people and getting the best from staff can be challenging. Often farmers themselves have never been employed other than by the family business and this makes the thought of managing staff members daunting. Whether it be full time employees, seasonal staff or even family members, management is required in all cases albeit at varying degrees.

This series of webinars aims to equip farmers with the information and tools to allow them to formalise the management of their staff. This will include tips for successful recruitment and retention of staff; techniques for having difficult conversations and strategies to manage performance to ensure you get the most from your workforce. This topic area will also cover the importance of meetings and managing conflict within family businesses.

  1. Build your Team: Recruit, Refine and Retain – 07/10/2020
  2. Maximise and Motivate: Getting the Most from your Team – 14/10/2020
  3. Trouble in the Team: Managing Conflict – 21/10/2020
  4. Relatively Speaking: Communication within a Family Business – 28/10/2020

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