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North East Organic Discussion Group – Tap o’Noth Farm (Event Summary)

21 August 2018

Do you know what permaculture and community supported agriculture are?

At the recent North East Organic Discussion Group we went on a tour of Tap o’Noth Farm and heard all about it  and saw how using permaculture design (a form of ecological design and sustainable land management) and using bio-intensive farming techniques they are able to produce enough vegetables for 50 housholds for 22 weeks of the year. We also saw the specialist small scale tools/equipment they use, some of which had been made on farm with recycled material. We also saw their willow windbreaks and fruit production.

More information is available below.

Tap o’Noth also has a website Tap o’ Noth Farm


Do you have an innovative challenge or business idea on your farm? The Rural Innovation Support Service (RISS) may be able to help. The service was fully explained with an opportunity to float ideas.

For more information on RISS see or the information sheet at


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