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North East Organic Group – Event Summary

15 March 2018

This was the first meeting of year two of the North East Organic farming Discussion Group.

Debs Roberts, Organic Policy Manager, SOPA gave a comprehensive update of the organic market in Scotland. She covered all the main commodities. Overall organic sales are up 19.4% in Scotland and there are good premiums over conventional for most commodities except lamb, which is just coming to an end for the season. Scotland organic sales up 19.4% NEWS: Latest International Report on the state of organic agriculture

After this we moved onto health planning focusing on fluke and worm control. Tim Geraghty, Veterinary Centre Manager, SAC Consulting gave a presentation. In addition to fluke and worm control he focused on how health planning was integral to improving performance and how we must think like a worm or a fluke!

For more information his presentation can be found below.

This was followed by a tour of vet lab at Craibstone hosted by Tim were we saw round lab and the post motem room hearing about their work.

If you would like to be a part of the group or find out more please contact

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