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QMS Standards Update

10 March 2023

Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) has recently updated their Pig Assurance Scheme with the changes effective from 1st May 2023. Standards are reviewed every second year to meet the changing needs and expectations of the supply chain and wider legislation. These updates build on the current whole chain assurance scheme and also helps ensure that the sector retains its reputation with the consumer for the highest production standards and quality.

Some of the main changes include:

  • The introduction of mandatory training for all stockpersons involved in the handling and moving of pigs. In addition, those new to working with pigs must complete the training within three months.
  • The introduction of mandatory training by a vet or external company for stockpersons involved in the handling and management of casualty pigs.
  • A greater focus on both external and internal biosecurity, particularly for outdoor units.
  • Enhanced standards relating to the containment and security of fallen stock.

More information on all changes and their reasons can be found here:

qms_2023_pigs_assurance_scheme_whats_changed_and_why.pdf (

The 2023 QMS Pig Assurance Scheme Standards can be downloaded here.

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