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Women in Agriculture – Argyll – Event Summary

17 April 2018

Get the Record Straight

Record keeping is a hugely important aspect of running an agricultural business.  We decided to start the Women in Agriculture meetings with ‘Get the Record Straight’ looking at both livestock record and book keeping/accounts.

Morven MacArthur, SAC Consulting,  covered the rules and regulations on Sheep and Cattle identification and registration, followed by a session looking at ScotEID and ScotMoves.

Top tips for Sheep Tagging & Records include:

  • Replace missing tags as soon as possble
  • Maintain record of replacement tags
  • Have a stock of ‘Red replacement’ tags on farm
  • Ensure all moves are reported to SAMU (you can check this using Scot EID) & recorded in records.
  • Do a physical count at each gather and record numbers in the flock register. (You can use ‘missing’ and ‘found’ if less or more sheep are counted)

Top Tips for Cattle Tagging & Records include:

  • Replace missing tags as soon as possible
  • Report an animal death within 7 days AND return passport to BCMS
  • You can print a list of animals that should be present on the holding from BCMS. This is a good check to do to ensure that farm records are accurate.
  • Tag new beef calves within 20 days of birth and registered within 27 days
  • Report moves to Scotmove after a move takes place or 48hours prior

In the afternoon, Brona MacDougal, Accountant from R A Clements Associates, Oban held a session on book keeping, VAT and accounts.

In Summary Brona covered:

  • Outline of legal obligations with regard to declaring income and VAT liabilities, along with a review of the penalties system.
  • Bookkeeping exercise with the aim of decreasing accountancy fees
  • Discussion of the idiosyncrasies of farm accounting and VAT, including the opportunities and options available to taxpayers.

Below you will find copies of the presentations from this event;

Women in Agriculture Introduction

Livestock Record

Bookkeeping and Accounts

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