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Women in Agriculture – Inverness – Event Summary

17 April 2018

Siobhan Macdonald gave an introduction and explained the background of the Women in Agriculture programme. As an ice-breaker, all the participants went outside to line up in height order and introduce themselves to the person standing either side.  

Anne Rae MacDonald, a member of the taskforce, local farmer and past PAO of RPID explained the work of the taskforce and the importance of Women in Agriculture.

The next session was on making the best use of social media to promote particpants’ businesses.  Led by Rene Looper, this involved group activities on defining the customer followed by training on how to create targeted advertising. Social media presence was also explained, with examples used from particpants businesses.

Over lunch, participants added to flip charts with notes to say where they were based, what they would like to get from these meetings and what training they would like.

Lucy Beattie, from the Scottish Crofting Federation, gave a very good summary of what she would like to see happen to help women in agricultural businesses, and how the SCF are providing practical women only training courses.  

The afternoon session started with a pub quiz, on CAP and IACS, followed by a group exercise on mapping and exclusions and EFA. Muriel Ross explained how easy it was to get online, especially to do forms such as SSBSS.

All were thanked for attending and gave themselves a round of applause.

Below you will find copies of the presentations from this event;

Women in Agriculture Introduction  

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