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Women in agriculture: Inverness – Post-event summary

28 June 2018

The sun shone on the second Inverness group meeting, held at Kinnahaird, Contin; the farm of Amy Grant which is run in partnership with her mum, Dorothy.  

Poppy Frater led the discussion on grassland management – how to assess vegetative growth of grass; the terminology for energy and protein and Dry Matter; what methods of grazing management were being undertaken by the group; and the pros and cons of paddock grazing. Poppy gave a similar presentation at the Women in Agriculture meeting in Morayshire, full details are here.

An exercise on how to assess how much feed is available and how to work out grazing days and shift patterns was successfully answered by all!

The group also discussed new technology – both on-market and near-market that can help animal welfare, faster production or selecting for performance. Some were already utilising newer technology for measuring growth rates.

Amy described her grassland management and the farming system, including diversification into holiday accommodation and kiln-dried wood.

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