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30 Days Wild – Farm Wildlife Walks

Understanding the natural capital assets you have on your land is really important. Farm wildlife walks are a great way to map out features, habitats and biodiversity that is present in the agricultural landscape. It can help you baseline your natural capital and look for opportunities for improvement on farm. As part of The Wildlife Trust’s 30 Days Wild campaign we go for a walk with Mary-Jane Lawrie on her farm in the Lothians and discuss hedges, wetlands and the biodiversity we see, along with the management and tools being used. We then head back to the office and are joined by David Brown to discuss the walk he has recently undertaken on a farm in the Borders and the benefits he has seen.

We all need to be concerned about biodiversity loss and agriculture has an important part to play. Farms across Scotland are already doing a lot of great things to manage the habitats they have to the best of their ability and support wildlife. We explore some of the simple and small things that can be done on farm to further benefit nature and the farm business.

Host Rachel Smillie, producer Iain Boyd, editor Ross Mackenzie, executive producer Kerry Hammond.


How Highlands Rewilding started and defining rewilding: 1:35 – 3:39

Intro to the farm, 30 Days Wild and farm wildlife walks: 0:45 – 6:35

The farm wildlife walk, the biodiversity we see and useful tools: 6:40 – 11:48

Benefits to the farm, resources and the value of nature: 11:49 – 20:22

Back in the office, David’s walk and wildlife corridors: 21:41 – 25:53

Baselining, farm benefits and working with nature: 25:52 – 35:04

Wider work and resources: 35:05 – 39:08

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