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This time we are focussing on Arable Natural Capital with John and Louise Seed from Woodend Farming Partnership and Agricultural Consultant Mary-Jane Lawrie, to find out what they are doing on farm and to learn from their combined experiences. Woodend Farming Partnership focusses on arable crops, free-range egg production, renewable energy and conservation, where they take a progressive, evidence-based approach to farming that enhances biodiversity, reduces the farm carbon footprint whilst maintaining or even improving profitability.  

We discover what can be done to protect and enhance biodiversity on farms to benefit both the environment and the farm business; including making use of unproductive land, funding support that is available and how multiple farms doing a little can make a big difference.   

The Earth’s soils, rocks, air, water, plants and animals are all valuable resources that provide a wide range of services and benefits. These resources need to be carefully managed and maintained to support a healthy functioning environment. In this Natural Capital podcast series, hosted by Rachel Smillie we will explore different natural capital assets and their value to Scottish agriculture and the rural economy, including the opportunities and risks for the future.   

Hosted by Rachel Smillie, produced by Iain Boyd, editor Kieron Sim, executive producer Kerry Hammond. 

a field of wildflowers

Natural capital projects on farm and the wider benefits : 5:07 – 11:50 
Biodiversity gain, agricultural yield and profitability : 13:35 – 19:06 
Surveys and baseline data : 19:07 – 24:11 
How will it look in the future? : 24:12 – 28:34 
Adaptations to ensure profitability : 28:35 – 30:32
Wider context, funding and support available : 36:30 – 42:00 

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