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August 2023: A spotlight on sheep predators, pigs, marketing & social media and Net Zero in the whisky industry

Along with our regular monthly updates on policy briefs, arable, beef, sheep and milk, in this edition we are also bringing you 2 sector overviews on sheep predators and pigs. We will also be bringing you news on marketing & social media and Net Zero in the Whisky industry.

Show Notes

00.48.:-News in Brief

02.43:-Policy Briefs – Trade Deals, Wide Loads and Additional support measures for the Crofting Counties

08.39:-Arable – Extreme weather across Europe impacting on harvests.

13.03:-Beef – Lower summer demand affecting prices

17.34:-Sheep – Room for growth!

20.41:- Sector Focus – Sheep – Predatory lessons to be learned from Europe

25.18 :-Milk – Scottish dairy farmers are becoming a rare beast.

31.12:- Inputs – Marketing – Social media ‘in da house’

36.52:- Sector Focus – Pigs – A summer of optimism

43.02:- Management Matters – Net Zero plans for the ‘water of life’

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