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Crofting Matters – Obtaining a Croft

Getting a croft isn’t easy, whether you are new to agriculture or have been working in crofting all your days. In this episode, Siobhan Macdonald and Graham Fraser discuss how to get a croft, types of tenure, what to be aware of and how to keep a croft.

We cover:

  • How much does a croft cost?
  • What is the difference between assignation of a tenancy and buying an owner occupied croft?
  • Financing the purchase
  • Responsibilities and duties of a crofter
  • Avoiding becoming landlord of a vacant croft
  • Lets of owner–occupied crofts
  • Decrofting & Resumptions
  • Bareland crofts
  • Where to look for crofts?
  • Shares and deemed crofts
  • Contributions to the CG maintenance
  • Sub-lets
  • Creation of new crofts

Useful FAS Resources 

Crofting Legislation | Helping farmers in Scotland | Farm Advisory Service (

Other Useful Resources

Register of Crofts | Crofting Commission (

About crofting – Scottish Crofting Federation

Woodland Crofts | Supporting Lives & Livelihoods through Managing Woodland

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