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Crofting Matters – Subsidy Future & Current Schemes

Don’t miss out on the current schemes which boost income and improve animal and soil health! We discuss the PSF scheme, the future of subsidy, recent changes to the Croft House Grant and what we should all do now to prepare for the 2025 change.

We cover:
What the term ‘conditionality’ means
PSF Animal Health & Welfare
How to carry out and how to claim
Benefits of animal health
Soil sampling
Carbon audits
What do we know so far
What is Just Transition
What are the Tiers
Whole Farm Plan
Habitat assessments
Grazing shares
Beef calf scheme
Scoteid My herd stats
CHGS changes
Top tips to prepare for 2025 – FAS biodiversity audits, carbon audits, psf scheme

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