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Natural Capital – Islay Geese

We visit the beautiful island of Islay, finding out about the unique habitats, species and important natural capital assets the island supports. The RSPB Islay reserves have internationally important populations of wintering Barnacle and Greenland White-fronted geese, and are also important for breeding Chough, Corncrake, Lapwing and a range of other wildlife.

All these species depend on farming practices and the correct land management to thrive. This creates conflicts and opportunities for land managers and agriculture on the island. To discuss this and lots more, we are joined by farmer Craig Archibald, RSPB Senior Farms Manager Eion Brown and Jack Fleming, Area Manager, RSPB for Argyll, Arran and Ardnamurchan.

Host Rachel Smillie, Producer Iain Boyd, Executive Producer Kerry Hammond, Editor Ross Mackenzie.

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